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Qingdao affected by yellow tagged vehicle ban on moving companies will rise in price, national moving companies?

November 1 banned yellow tagged car started this very great effects for moving companies in Qingdao, old moving van could have eliminated part of the moving company. Moving companies in Qingdao, normal moving company of choice, of course, you can have security protection. New car prices are higher this year, as are four standard than Hung-1--2 more car per car. High cost of moving companies, moving costs are higher, then move up to 30% now. A new car, 5-6 time the yellow tagged car, new car requires 890,000 to the road, in comparison, take 2 years to earn back a new moving cars. So the move is sure to rise. According to the municipal environmental protection Bureau Deputy Director Wang Yanjin motor vehicles introduced, there were yellow tagged car, Qingdao City, about 100,000 vehicles, including cars and operate half. At present, Qingdao, started trial operation of the intelligent transportation system, intelligent transportation system into all high pollution in the city in the early yellow tagged vehicle information. Police departments in urban road construction 252 HD multifunctional electronic police, 871 multiplexed HD cameras and electronic police within the restricted area automatically generate the HD image capture, HD image analysis system through the license plate number, determine whether the dirty yellow tagged vehicle. During the pilot, the traffic Police Department to automatically snap to the new electronic police "break limit" dirty yellow tagged car not to be punished, after the end of the test run, for breaking the rules in forbidden zone yellow tagged car, 200 Yuan fines, penalties deducted 3 points. Wang Yanjin Qingdao environmental protection Bureau said that Qingdao is now brewed "yellow to green", that is, yellow standard for eligible vehicles with emission reduction devices, pollutant emissions standards, can delay the vehicle scrapped three years continued to take to the streets. However, not all cars can also accept "yellow to green" transformation, usually for high value, low mileage vehicles diesel vehicles. According to statistics, at present, Qingdao, about more than 6,000 vehicles qualify. In addition, the reform move costs a lot of money, around 30,000 yuan, or come up with some modification of the Government subsidy in the future. For the majority of car owners, hold yellow tagged car out ahead of time, certain benefits are available. But scrapped the earlier, more subsidies are available. Is there yellow tagged car would be more than one clip shot, thus being punished multiple times? Police said that in accordance with the provisions of, an offence and punishment only once a day, driving a yellow tagged car broke into the restricted area of the public, even if multiple captures, only punishment. Association of Qingdao moving company moving circular on November 1, 2014, when the South and the North, and and the laoshan district, licang district, and Huangdao district and Chengyang's built-up area against the city and field yellow tagged car traffic. Move the forbidden zone determined by the municipal environmental protection Bureau together with the municipal Public Security Bureau, and yellow tagged vehicle ban flag is set. Six areas of built-up area, county-level cities main city highway regardless of periods of 24 hours banned yellow tagged car driven on the road. Now moving company as most of the vehicles are older, and age longer, this part of the car will be a yellow tagged car, not in the Qingdao urban area transportation, the moving company must introduce new vehicles. This brought problems to the moving company in Qingdao, a small moving company because there is no money to buy a new car, and quit moving market. Large moving companies will not increase a lot of vehicles, this is because the cost is too high. Many owners of the original yellow standard car license plate off, move on to a new car. It broke into the restricted area, will also be punished? Police said that after law enforcement system to snap related vehicles, will have on the license plate number, vehicle registration, engine number three items compared, only the three elements of the vehicle and all match the data in the database, only relevant data entry database traffic violations of public security, made the decision.
reported that traffic law enforcement system in accordance with the phased implementation of the vehicle emission control standards, to vehicles and motor vehicles registration information model based on the match with the list of green cars, vehicle registration date is less than the approved date is inconsistent with the corresponding emissions standards, the vehicle will enter the high polluting yellow tagged car database. Qingdao environmental protection Bureau Wang Yanjin says former yellow tagged car broke into the restricted area of high pollution penalties, is basically taking police and environmental protection department joint law enforcement, labor law enforcement efficiency is too low, small, using electron capture would substantially improve the efficiency of law enforcement. Qingdao move introduced in November, six districts in the city areas built yellow tagged vehicle comprehensive control measures, then, the Qingdao environmental protection Bureau will communicate with the Qingdao municipal traffic police detachment, all yellow tagged vehicle information into intelligent transport systems in the city, entering all yellow tagged car included in the capture area of the built-up area. Qingdao traffic policeman for the city newspaper reporter Jie Huangbiao car broke into the restricted area to be captured in detail. "When the vehicle has electronic police, a bayonet in the construction of equipment and devices will automatically shoot a vehicle picture. System will automatic vehicle number plate recognition on the picture, together with the vehicle by time, place, driving directions and other information uploaded to the data center. "According to police introduced, upload to data center Hou, next system will recognition to of vehicles plate information and yellow tagged car based database for match, if match success, will in 24 hours within intelligent analysis and determine vehicles this times driving track, extraction this times driving track in the other points bit captured to of a Zhang had car pictures, and first Zhang photos common as illegal evidence entry intelligent traffic tube control platform. Traffic police after login platform, you can audit more vehicle information, vehicle information, approved by the entry after the Ministry of public security traffic database.

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