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Cheap live on site increases, the moving company really is a mess

Public move to choose a professional moving company, than do it yourself much more in order to save time, effort and hassle free. However, the reality of moving companies varies greatly, the ills of the fees, the increases are moving companies, few or no qualifications, plus there are over 80% people only called verbally confirm moving company, restrict never signed a contract, so if there is a dispute, to resolve very difficult. Not long ago, Miss Liu, make an appointment with the moving company services in the community, both on the phone clear move course content such as, number of floors and furniture, negotiated price is 500 yuan per car. 3 workers entered the Miss Liu, complained to move too much, the floor is too high. Workers also said a car fit, televisions, refrigerators, and also, have to add money. Ms Liu said: "my freezer and TV are ordinary, not oversized, books are also well in advance, in accordance with the regulations should not add money. "Workers see Miss understood" norm ", it means:" OK, plus 60 Yuan, sure to give you a good swing, might hold. Without the money, must be fit, you have another car, you pay 500 Yuan. "But Miss Liu chose" Add 60 "this" solution ".
yesterday, reporter phone Advisory has Dalian more than moved company, found started price most in 280 to 340 Yuan Zhijian, which does not including furniture disassembly fee, Cabinet to by door is money, more in 100 to 150 Yuan Zhijian; air conditioning is divided into hanging type and Cabinet type, price in 150 to 200 Yuan; and material good little of furniture, and appliances, price also to turned times, like piano, started price in 300 yuan around. In this regard, journalists specialized consultancy price Department, its staff, moving companies are in the social service sector, its belonging to individual behavior, and currently there is no uniform pricing for moving expenses, and moving utilities charges are facing difficult evidence, evidence-free dilemma. As a result, moving industry as "free market", into the regulatory gaps. Reporters found that without a contract, does not give an invoice into a moving company "unspoken rules", faced with consumer disputes is because there is no document to rights. "I started moving company for 5 years, never signed a contract. "Town, ganjingzi district, said the head of a moving company. It is understood that the damaged and lost items, unauthorized price, punctuality, etc are some moving companies more or less "flawed", but consumers are often not rights due to no evidence.

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