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Ants: want to be a Chinese 3M

China's service industry 3M? If by moved became world well-known enterprise of dream gradually line gradually far, can let himself for a way to pursuit new of target?
had, to let Ant in around of line employees family assured, Li Lang encourages employees will wife took to, and deliberately for they opened has cleaning business, gradually and development has logistics distribution, and cleaning, and air conditioning maintenance, and car maintenance, various around with "dirty bitter especially" of blue-collar business. As long as the branches by the finance measurement, that the new business will not lose money, you can apply to the company diversified. On each items new business, Li Lang are has full of reason: for example do cabinet, is because see this category of profit is attractive; in network Shang sold furniture, is to full using large goods delivery, and households of capacity; and "what" of inspiration from News--China of food security so bad, why let people put not assured of food took to check? these idea are is since into faction, Centerless plug Liu. "But there is no ' willow-lined ', so I'm not happy with. "Ant company has a new building, employees known as the ants outside the authentic blue-collar workers, the staff responsible for the back office by Li Lang as" white collar ". Ant project incubation is often futile, many white-collar workers were leaving because they couldn't stand boss's capricious. Li Lang has a hobby, like other corporate internal incubation, returned to Chengdu began after the reorganisation of departments, task forces, dismantle, believes this is more conducive to play full of innovation driving force today is often an employee of the post as ministerial, into tomorrow product manager. "Most people can't stand him for that, he is a man of incomprehensible ways to solve the problem," said Zheng Qibin, "but if you give it a try, you will find him good results this way. "For example, ant the most important seed projects in these two years is" super stores ", which rented a shop in every community, similar to a convenience store, you can send and receive Express, look for domestic service workers. Sounds like a grounding, and Li Lang's recommendations almost "low dust": Super stores first to become "blue-collar rest stop." Everyone was opposed to this position: a clean, bright stores, blue-collar workers here to rest, eat, take tools? we pushed this project almost Li Lang stress. Li Lang said, people are mostly excluded from the bottom "change" to curry favor with the people, to please serve their blue-collar workers, so super store has a variety of tools and accessories, blue-collar workers "have got to run to the super store", increasing the exposure of super stores. In addition, every morning, super store employees set up, into the community on a circle, picking up garbage, and people smile and play in their communities to confront. Ant's many recent developments in the business are going well, for example the city with business, capacity in Chengdu's local lead held by Ant, cleaning, lifting, also accounted for three or four of the local market. However, these were years of keeping items. Distribution to the city as an example, the result of the move is relatively low frequency of business, can be utilized by flexible deployment of resources such as people, vehicles, the United States began working with Ant as early as when entering Chengdu distribution, which is transporting the goods from the warehouse to Gome stores in Chengdu, when ants take advantage of established distribution.

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