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Ants do investment?

In recent years Li Lang began to let go. Ants not only with e-commerce companies, Li Lang called "mobile Web enthusiasts" Zheng Qibin also are encouraged to do some Internet product development, which includes a and Ant--IKEA, one of the most important cooperation partners in cooperation of mobile terminal products, recommended as a model project by IKEA.
Lee waves are increasingly open and your mind young, he forced everyone to refer to themselves as "small wave students." Recently opened a Li Lang incubator "Ant workshop". The incubator is not receiving Ant employees within innovation, even the person if there is a good business idea, after collective Ant management "certification" can also be investment in ants, ants, and even some internal staff distribution as a new Member of the team. Li Lang is keen and myself discuss new projects, enjoy the process of brainstorming, and basking on the micro-circle of friends out of the picture. Said Zheng Qibin, Ant intention to some VC overtures, for example in order for Ant workshop is no longer limited to tinkering, they will consider cooperation with the VC Fund. New business as well as BAT's influence on people, Lee waves remained "stubborn": "maybe 50 years after many Internet companies no longer exist. But these things I do, is the Internet companies can't replace. "In order to become a Fortune 500 company longevity, to maintain the slow development, but development. "My life mission is to dig up the Foundation, these objectives depend on Ant's second-and third-generation complete. "He said.

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